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-2.Oh My Word this is Amazing!

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I’ve great news for your today.

Aidan Corkery has just released his first video training course called YouTube Enigma.

In it, he reveals, how any person can send an endless stream of laser targeted traffic to their site or

promotion. The doors just opened and it’s a complete steal for just $7.00

Check Out YouTube Enigma here {LINK}

Inside Aidan shares his insights how he used the power of YouTube to make his first $1000

online & how even the newest of marketers can do the same using these proven methods . This

step by step video training will teach you how to build your list & generate more sales

See what he’s offering here {LINK}

Be aware that the price rises with every sale so don’t delay.

To Your Success,


P.S. Aidan is offering over 4 hours of pure value for just $7! This is unheard of so get on board

Day 2

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2. I Can’t Believe This!


There’s been a lot of talk about Aidan Corkery’s new video training course ‘YouTube Enigma.

A Full Time High School Teacher with a 9 to 5 job made his first dollar online using the methods

revealed in this course.

Chances are, if you’re struggling online you may be flogging a dead horse, flushing money down

the toilet buying course after course.

But with Aidan’s new training, he shows you how you can…  No excuses! You put this training

into action you see results guaranteed. I’ve checked this out and I’m impressed.  There are 4

hours of pure value for advanced marketers and a complete clear plan of action for anyone just

starting off.

Check Out YouTube Enigma Here {LINK}

Inside Aidan shares his insights into what does work – and how you can develop a way of

generating a consistent flow of targeted traffic right to your doorstep.

Be aware that the price rises with every sale so don’t delay.

To Your Success


P.S. The intro video is an education in itself. Check it out! {LINK}

Day 3

Subject Lines:

1. Stop Ignoring This

2. Last Orders Don’t Ignore this


Let’s cut the BS and get straight to the point…

Are you generating a consistent flow of traffic that is converting?  Allot of people online are

(excuse my French) are ‘Pissing into the wind’ when it comes to attracting potential leads to their



I’m talking about a REAL method that works – one that has you enticing customers and clients

that are looking for a genuine opportunity to generate an income online

My buddy Aidan Corkery started off just like you… as green as grass, hitting road block after

road block, not making any money, in fact, wasting money, lots of it… until he discovered the

methods revealed in YouTube Enigma


And now that he understands it – he has a business that works for him not against him, one he

enjoys, not one he dreads…  We’re talking about a REAL business, not something you play

around with, – all using his simple strategies that anyone with an ounce of ambition can


Check out YouTube Enigma here


To Your Success


P.S. There’s a reason there’s a lot of interest and buzz about YouTube Enigma. Don’t let this

opportunity slip away. Take action now!

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Amazing Laser Targeted Traffic!

Converting YouTube Traffic Yes Please!



What if I could show you how to leverage the FREE power of YouTube… and how you can see

massive results for your business… just by changing the way you generate traffic?


In Aidan Corkery’s new video training, he shares with you EXACTLY how you can accomplish

amazing results with your marketing. In YouTube Enigma Aidan teaches you how to achieve

massive leverage with your marketing, generating targeted traffic that converts. !

The reason I’m telling you this is because I believe this is something you simply cannot miss out



Aidan wants to show you the fundamental formulas and strategies to not only make your

marketing work better… but to enable you to take your traffic generating methods to the next


It’s a complete breath of fresh air in our industry if you are actually serious about changing your

life and building a real business, then you need to get YouTube Enigma


To Your Success


P.S. Aidan believes he has a moral responsibility to show you the methods in YouTube Enigma

as they are the very same methods he used to make his very first sale online.



I need you to make a decision

Are you still sitting on the fence?

Day 5


Call me crazy but I would have expected you to get YouTube Enigma by now.


This new video training series has taken us all by storm – but this is your last chance to get it.

After today I’m done talking to you about this and chances are the price is going to significantly

increase.  You need to get put YouTube Enigma into action if you want to build a real, profitable,

and business period.

Get it here: {LINK}

All the best,


P.S. YouTube Enigma isn’t some rehashed bunch of videos; it’s a real over the shoulder step by

step training with a very REAL message!

Get it here – {LINK}